Day 1 – November 02, 2016

LPP1: Homelessness prevention

LPP2: Tools to support lived experience and inclusion and leadership

AWH1: Leaving Home: A National Study on Youth Homelessness in Canada

AOS1: Local, regional and national collaboration to improve outcomes for women

20K1: Registry Weeks 101

HF1: Introducing the CAEH Training & Technical Assistance Program

HF2: Adapting Housing First to local context

IH1: Creating and sustaining collaborative relationships between Aboriginal and mainstream partners

RPP1: Understanding supportive housing through research and evaluation

RPP2: Understanding Homelessness in Canada: The National Shelter Study and the 2016 Coordinated PiT Count

LPP3: The art and science of prioritization for housing

LPP4: The role emergency shelters play in ending homelessness

AWH2: Using a Human Rights approach to end youth homelessness

AOS2: Innovative models of supportive housing for women

20K2: Using the campaign for engagement and advocacy

HF3: Implementing Housing First with diverse populations

HF4 Trauma informed care in Housing First delivery

IH2 :Developing and delivering culturally safe services in mainstream organizations

RPP3: Sustaining and Scaling Up Housing First

RPP4: Defining homelessness

Day 2 – November 03, 2016

LPP5: Ending homelessness through performance measurement

LPP6: Mobilizing faith communities to end homelessness

AWH3: Communities leading change: case studies in community planning and implementation

AOS3: Voices of women: mothers and children

20K3: Developing and implementing By-Name Lists

HF5: Housing First: the basics

HF6: Clinical practices in Housing First for diverse populations

IH3: Housing First for Indigenous Peoples

RPP5: Measuring Homelessness: alternative strategies

RPP6: Populations experiencing homelessness

LPP7: Lived Experience Advisory Council: Activist and ally networking session

LPP8: The evolution of plans to end homelessness

AWH4: Real Talk: Lived Experience informing the dialogue on youth homelessness

AOS4: Roundtable: continuing conversations & connections from coast to coast to coast

20K4: Community Self-Assessment

HF7: Housing procurement and strengthening participant tenancy

HF8: Linking to mainstream services

IH4: London’s Urban Aboriginal Homeward Bound Program

RPP7: State of Homelessness in Canada: 2016

RPP8: Homelessness Partnering Strategy Roundtable

LPP9: Ending homelessness for Canadian veterans

LPP10: Solving homelessness in London

AWH5: Stopping the revolving door: prevention in action

AOS5: Reducing homelessness for women through trauma-informed inclusive services

20K5: Developing a coordinated homelessness system of care

HF9: Harm reduction in Housing First

HF10: Tools and strategies of strong Housing First teams

IH5: Models of supportive housing for Indigenous Peoples

RPP9: Research roundup

RPP10: Innovative use of datasets

Day 3 – November 04, 2016

LPP11: INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP – Moving the Needle Through Messaging and Media

LPP12: Models of collaboration with health care systems that improve care and reduce homelessness

AWH6: Staying connected: Housing options for urban and rural youth

AOS6: Research infl uencing and impacting system change

20K6: Identifying and disseminating bright spots and addressing common challenges

HF11: Housing First in supportive housing environments

HF12: Housing First expert roundtable

IH6: Innovative responses to Inuit homelessness in Ottawa and Montreal

RPP11: ‘If I had a million dollars…and could do Housing First…’

RPP12: Prevention of family homelessness

Other – Evening or non-session presentations

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