Day 1 – October 25, 2017

LPP1: Helping Our Clients and Ourselves: Creating Psychologically Informed Environments

LPP2: Systems Approaches to Ending Homelessness

IH1: Models of Indigenous Leadership in Community Planning and Program Development

IH2: Living in Indigenous Sovereignty: Colonialism, Indigenous Homelessness, and Non-Indigenous Engagement

WH1: Community Response to Homelessness for Women in Winnipeg: The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

20K1: Introducing a New Problem-Solving Infrastructure

HF2: Housing First for Women, Trans Individuals & Families: Challenges and Lessons Learned

AWH1: Youth Voice

COH1: Research Roundup

LPP3: Addressing Homelessness in Rural and Small Town Canada

IH3: Perspectives on Indigenous Homelessness and Housing First for Indigenous Peoples from Australia and New Zealand

20K2: Enhanced Enumeration – Combining Point-in-Time Counts and Registry Weeks to Support By-Name Lists

HF3: Preventing Discharge into Homelessness with Housing First

AWH2: Youth Homelessness Prevention

COH3: Legislating the Prevention of Homelessness

Day 2 – October 26, 2017

LPP6: Models for Engaging People with Lived Experience of Homelessness

IH5: Case Studies on Addressing Inuit Homelessness in Nunavut and Montreal

WH3: Summary of the Outcomes of a National Symposium on Women and Housing

20K3: Lessons from 20,000 Homes Campaign: Bright Spots & Challenges

HF6: Engaging landlords in Housing First

COH5: Power of Networks for Mobilizing Knowledge to End Homelessness

COH6: Housing First for Youth and Making the Shift: When Outcomes Drive Implementation

LPP7: How to Be an Awesome, Housing-Focused Shelter

LPP8: How to Be an Awesome, Housing-Focused Shelter

IH7: l’taamohkanoohsin- (Everyone Comes Together)

IH8: Homelessness for Indigenous Youth

WH4: Gender Matters: Differential Experiences of Finding Home for Women

HF8: The ‘How and Why’ of Housing First Fidelity Assessment

AWH4: Navigating Systems

COH7: Preventing Homelessness: From a Framework to Implementation

COH8: Understanding Indigenous Homelessness Through Innovative Research Methods

LPP9: Using Data to Drive Decisions, Funding and Practice

LPP10: Building Bridges to Housing: Supporting Homeless Adults with Mild Intellectual Disabilities Through Multidisciplinary Care

IH9: Mino Kaanjigoowin: A Holistic Response to Mental Health Services for Homeless Men

IH10: A Focus on Housing and Homelessness for Indigenous Women

WH5: Violence Against Women, Housing and Homelessness

HF9: Adapting Housing First to Local Context

HF10: Addressing Home Takeovers of Vulnerable Individuals

COH9: Preventing Homelessness in the Big City: Development, Displacement, Urban Policy and Claiming Space in Toronto and Vancouver

COH10: Understanding Youth Homelessness

Day 3 – October 27, 2017

LPP12: Rehousing and Reintegrating Older Adults into Supportive Housing: Montreal and Calgary-based Case Studies

IH12: The Right to Housing for First Nations and Options for Indigenous Independent Housing

HF11: Housing First Roundup

AWH6: Research to Action

COH11: Let’s have an Adult Talk About LGBTQ Homelessness in Canada

AWH6: Research to Action

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