Day 1 – November 5, 2018

LPP2: Family Homelessness

COH1: Building a Portrait of Homelessness in Canada: Identifying and Addressing Data Gaps

COH2: Housing & Homelessness in the Canadian North

LPP3: Exploring Peer Involvement

IH3: Tsi iakwanakere (Our Community): Indigenous Culturally Relevant Service Models for a Safe Place to Call Home

WH3: Women’s Homelessness in Europe: Lessons for Canada?

HF3: The Practicalities, Challenges and Successes of Housing First in Europe

HF4: Lessons and Successes in Housing First Collaborations

AWH2: Youth Homelessness Prevention

COH3: Lessons in Homelessness Prevention

COH4: Exploring Health Interventions and Outcomes Among People Experiencing Homelessness


Day 2 – November 6, 2018

Opening Plenary

LPP5: An Introduction to By-Name Lists

IH6: Lessons on Housing First for First Nations and Inuit Peoples from Montreal

WH4: Weaving Gender into the National Housing Strategy

WH5: Facing Homelessness: An Arts-Based Exploration of Homelessness for Women

HF5: Challenges, Learnings and Successes: Housing First Implementation in Small, Rural Communities

HF6: Programs and Services to Support People Discharged, Exiting Care, and Released from Corrections

COH5: Research Roundup

COH6: Knowledge to Action: Mobilizing Research to Impact on Policy

LPP8: Lessons from the Implementation of HIFIS 4

WH7: Exploring Research on Women’s Homelessness

HF7: Evaluating Housing First: Process and Results from Four Collaborations

HF8: A Focus on Housing: Transforming Shelters to Housing First Providers

AWH4: School Based and Early Interventions

LPP9: Systems Integration and Community Planning

LPP10: Homelessness in Later Life: Insights and Experiences from Across Canada

IH10: Exploring models of Housing First for Indigenous Peoples

WH8: Building a Peer Support Program to Fit Your Organization

HF9: Assessing the Fidelity of Your Housing First Program: An Interactive Workshop

COH9: Building Effective Partnerships

COH10: Bridging Research and Practice: A Case Study of Two Housing First for Youth Demonstrations from Ottawa and Toronto

HF10: Innovative Housing First Supports and Programs

Day 3 – November 7, 2018

LPP11: Using Early Intervention and Shelter Diversion to Prevent Chronic Homelessness

WH10: Examining Homelessness for Newcomer and Racialized Women

HF11: Projet Logement Montreal: Results of a Four Agency Housing First Consortium in Montreal

HF12: Models for Embedding People with Lived Experience of Homelessness as a Housing First Best Practice

AWH6: Changing Organizational Culture to Better Support Young People

COH12: Realizing the Right to Housing in Canada Through the National Housing Strategy

Other – Post Conference Sessions

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