Day 1 – November 4, 2019

AWH-1: Youth Voice – Turning Listening into Action

AWH-2: Housing First for Youth – Serving Distinct Youth Populations Effectively

AWH-3: The Prevention Continuum

CA-1: By-Name Lists & Coordinated Access Systems 101

CA-2: Building Will and Leading Change in Coordinated Access

CA-3: Beyond Implementation of Coordinated Access: Using Data for Continuous Learning and Growth in Large Urban Centres

HCH-1: Housing as a Social Determinant of Health: Needs and Responses of Older Adults who are Experiencing Homelessness

HCH-3: Improving Access to Healthcare Services to Save Lives

HCH-4: Youth Services: Successful Youth Programs and Prevention for Youth with Disabilities

HF-1: Implementing and Sustaining Housing First Evidenced-based Housing Support Programs

HF-3: Person-Centred Strength-Based Case Management and Service Planning for Unique Clients Through a Housing First Approach

HF-4: Examining Innovative Approaches to Housing Stability and Eviction Prevention

HF-5: Collaborative and Innovative Housing First Outreach Models

IH-2: Improving Indigenous Homelessness Engagement and Mobilizing Cultural Practices

LPP-1: The Latest on HIFIS: Creating a Community-wide and Outcome-oriented System  

LPP-4: Encampment to Housing: Rethinking Street Outreach and Responding to Rough Sleepers

LPP-6: Campaigning to End Homelessness: Lessons in How to Achieve Political Change

RPCOH-1: Systems Planning and Collective Impact: A Comprehensive Solution to Ending Homelessness

RPCOH-2: Driven by Data: Strategies for Tracking and Sharing Program Outcomes

RPCOH-3: Meaningful Engagement with People with Lived Experience in Research

RRH-3: Rural Solutions as Critical Drivers in the Shift Towards the Prevention of Youth Homelessness

WH-1: Street Level Women at Risk: A Collaborative Housing First Model

WH-2: Gender, Family and Homelessness: Understanding Health and Improving Programming to Meet the Need

Day 2 – November 5, 2019

CA-6: Driving Reductions and Reaching and Sustaining Functional Zero

CA-8: Leveraging HIFIS 4 in the Quest for Functional Zero: A Rural Community’s Experience

HCH-6: Health Care and Legal/Administrative Partnerships to Prevent Eviction: From Concepts to Models

HCH-7: Healthcare Roundup: Principles of Participatory Research, Solution to Elderly Homelessness and Developing a Trauma-Informed Community of Practice

HF-8: Learnings from Recent Research on Program Fidelity in Adult and Youth Housing First Programs

HF-9: Clinical Supports for Housing First Clients

IH-4: Indigenous Culture and Housing First

IH-5: Culture, Gender, Safety: Programs for Indigenous Youth and Families

LPP-7: Integrating Lived Experience in Planning

LPP-8: The Role of Public Libraries as Partners in Serving Vulnerable Populations

LPP-10: Innovative Approaches to Supportive Housing

LPP-11: Promoting Inclusion of Lived and Living Expertise at the Table

RPCOH-5: Social and Structural Exclusion and Homelessness: From Belonging to Criminalization

RPCOH-6: Research Roundup: Broader Policy Interests and Implications

RRH-4: Building Partnerships and Maximizing Limited Regional Resources for Effective Interventions, Housing and Services

RRH-5: The Impact of Funding for Rural and Remote Ontario, Saskatchewan and Yellowknife

WH-4: Continuum of Solutions to Women’s Homelessness

WH-6: Sex Work, Sex Trafficking and the Justice System

Day 3 – November 6, 2019

AWH-7: Beyond Housing – Changing the Trajectory

CA-9: Common Assessment Tools Café

CA-10: Safe, Inclusive and Culturally Appropriate CAS

HCH-8: HCH-8: Acute Care Best Practices for Patients Experiencing Homelessness: Lessons from the ARCH Model

HF-10: Effective Housing First Case Management

LPP-12: Trauma-Informed Care: Building Awareness and Understanding

LPP-13: Ending Homelessness: Planning, Housing, Collaboration and Harm Reduction

PCOH-7: Modelling Prevention: Program Teachings Across Canada

RPCOH-7: Supporting Housing Access and Retention: Research and Practice in Housing Stabilization

RRH-7: Innovation in Rural and Remote Communities

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