Paula Goering Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Paula Goering, RN, PhD was a distinguished clinician, educator and researcher who made a tremendous contribution to research, services, and policies targeting homelessness in Canada for over 30 years. 

Most recently, Dr. Goering served as the Lead Investigator of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s At Home / Chez Soi Demonstration Project, the largest study conducted on Housing First in the world.  Because of her leadership on this project, Housing First became national policy in Canada and programs are now being implemented in communities across Canada.  Sadly, Dr. Goering passed away on May 24, 2016.

The Paula Goering Memorial Scholarship recognizes Paula’s exceptional role as a mentor to innumerable students, as a practitioner and a pioneering researcher who focused on translating research knowledge into practice. The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has established the Paula Goering Memorial Scholarship to support students and Housing First service providers to attend the annual National Conference on Ending Homelessness.  The scholarships will be awarded each year to two students and two Housing First practitioners who share Paula’s passion for ending homelessness and her commitment to research and evidence based practice. 

For full guidelines (PDF) on applying for this scholarship, please click the link below:


Application Deadline

Deadline for applications is Saturday, June 1, 2019.


For additional information or to submit an application, please contact: Trish Muntain –