The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness is seeking presenters for the 2023 National Conference on Ending Homelessness from November 8-10, 2023. CAEH23 will include 85, 90-minute sessions organized into 16 conference streams. 

Step 1: Review the Call for Presentation Guidelines

Before submitting a presentation proposal, please review our Call for Presentation Guidelines below.


Step 2: Watch the Pre-Submission Webinar

Prior to submitting a presentation proposal, we also invite you to watch the Pre-Submission Webinar where our National Conference on Ending Homelessness leads go over the fundamentals of submitting a strong presentation proposal. We will also cover the review process, timelines, and what presenters should anticipate at CAEH23. 

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Step 3: Submit a Proposal Online

The presentation proposal submissions window for the 2023 National Conference on Ending Homelessness closed as of April 28, 2023.  Thank you those who submitted a proposal. Upon the completion of the review process, you will be notified in early June if your submission has been accepted.  

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Conference Streams

We are inviting presentation proposals for these 16 conference streams:

  1. A Way Home – Youth Homelessness Prevention – AWH (5 sessions) 
  2. Accelerating Reductions in Chronic Homelessness – ARH (5 sessions) 
  3. New: Campaigning and Advocacy – CA (4 sessions)  
  4. Canadian Observatory on Homelessness – Research and Policy – COH (5 sessions)
  5. Canadian Observatory on Homelessness – Prevention – PVN (4 sessions) 
  6. Health Care and Homelessness – HCH (5 sessions) 
  7. Housing First – HF (7 sessions) 
  8. Improving Equity in Homeless Systems – IEH (4 sessions) 
  9. Indigenous Homelessness – IH (8 sessions) 
  10. Leadership, Improvement and Change Management – LCM (6 sessions) 
  11. Lived Experience – LE (7 sessions) 
  12. Responding to Unsheltered Homelessness – RUH (7 sessions) 
  13. Realizing the Right to Housing – RTH (5 sessions) 
  14. Rural, Remote, and Northern Homelessness – RRH (4 sessions) 
  15. Women’s Homelessness – WH (4 sessions) 
  16. New: Veterans Homelessness – VH (4 sessions)  

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